Target Outcome Investing

Invest Smart ...Implement Downside Risk Management.

Target Outcome Investments are designed to provide investors with a solution to target investment objectives such as limiting downside risk within a specific time period. 

Potential Advantages of Buffered Target Outcome Investing

Target Outcome | Targeted market exposure with a defined downside buffer levers, over a specified period, removes some of the uncertainty associated with equity investing. You can choose protection levels from 10%, 20% or 30% to buffer from market losses.

Defined Maturity | The cap and buffer are set for the term of the trust, from the initial deposit date through the termination date. 

Flexible, Liquid, and Transparent | The portfolios offer convenience and transparency. The option positions and current pricing ad disclosed on a daily basis. 

Limited Volatility | Provide equity exposure with less volatility. Exposure to the price return of the reference asset through FLEX Options may provide a less volatile return profile than the underlying asset, and when combined with the downside buffer, may offer an attractive portfolio management tool.

Who Might Be Interested in Buffered Target Investing? 

Investors Looking for a Compliment to Their Equity HoldingsBuffered investments are an agile tool for risk management while participating in the upside potential of the reference asset up to the capped amount.

Investors Reluctant to Fully Participate in Equity Markets | Buffered investments may be attractive to investors who are looking for the ability to be invested in the equity markets without assuming the full downside risk of investing in equities. The portfolios seek to limit the uncertainty of the equity market exposure over the term by combining a downside buffer with upside growth potential, to the predetermined cap levels. 

Investors Looking to Lower The Volatility in Their Portfolios | Target outcome investing strategies can be a good compliment to an overall portfolio. They may appeal to investors who anticipate moderate market returns and are willing to forgo some potential upside, while gaining a buffer on the downside. 

CBOE Vest is the creator of the Target Outcome Investments, which strive to buffer losses, amplify gains or provide a consistent income to a diverse spectrum of investors. Today, CBOE Vest's Target Outcome Strategies are available in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF's) and unit investment trusts (UIT's). 

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