Investment Advisory Programs

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Clients stand to receive very compelling and powerful benefits from a fee-based relationship. Acting in a fiduciary capacity, the advisor is legally required to place the client's interest before the advisors, avoid conflicts of interest and fully disclose any unavoidable conflicts. Without clear direction, the journey can seem overwhelming. With guidance from us, an advisory program can be a key resource and part of a complete financial plan. Some of the benefits of a fee-based relationship include;

  • Customized Investment Models
  • Obligated to Act Solely in Clients Best Interest
  • Ongoing Investment Advice
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Rebalancing
  • Greater Fee Transparency
  • Access to Institutional and Low Cost Investments
  • An Advice-Based Relationship
  • No Commissions
Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Strategic Asset Management (SAM) is a comprehensive, open-architecture, fee-based investment platform. With this platform, multiple investments can be wrapped in one account with one consolidated statement.

Investments: Over 8,000 funds from more than 470 fund families; including stocks/bonds; conservative options; unit investment trusts; alternative investments; fee-based variable annuities.

Guidance: LPL Research provides independent, objective, and in-depth market and economic thought leadership as well as due diligence and recommendations on asset allocation models, open-end mutual funds, exchange-traded products and variable annuity subaccounts.

Discretionary Trading- This gives us the ability to react on your behalf to changes in the economic conditions.

Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)

Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)

Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP) offers fully diversified mutual fund and exchange-traded product models guided by the expertise and thought leadership of both LPL Research and external portfolio strategists.

Key Features: Automated rebalancing to target model allocations. Asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio monitoring. Ability to have multiple investment strategies in one account. Tax harvesting services available upon request.

Investment Strategies:

Capital Appreciation- These models seek to accumulate assets over time, with options to target specific investor preferences.

Income Generation- These models prioritize income goals in order to meet investor distribution needs.

Risk Aware- These models prioritize preservation of accumulated assets.

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